Преподаватель CUDA (г. Сингапур) - прямая вакансия

IMPORTANT: Please DO follow the instructions below while submitting your application. Application submitted incorrectly will be deleted as spam.

Type of Position: Permanent
Location: Singapore
Job Function: NVIDIA CUDA Coach/Teacher

NVIDIA CUDA Coach/Teacher:

A dynamic team of extremely active, knowledgeable and self motivated IT professionals in the area of GPU computing / High Performance Computing is looking for the NVIDIA CUDA Coach/Teacher who will take an active role in leading CUDA courses in English language to Singapore and Malaysia based customers and prospects.

This is what you would have done had you been with us last 2 months:
Create a teaching program for 5 (five) CUDA courses with increasing level of knowledge complexity
For each of the courses create a separate program, printed materials with examples and create a homework tasks
Supervise textbooks creation for each of the 5 courses (textbooks will be the handed over to participants)
Be trained for the use of cluster management system for the HPC cluster which will be used for practical tasks
Help to create marketing materials and a dedicated web page for CUDA courses
Start conducting a CUDA courses for the Customers
Lead quarterly meet ups for local CUDA developers on which to discuss different tasks and problems which are/were not covered by the CUDA course
Provide consultancy services for local CUDA developers

Please DO NOT apply if:
- You'd feel like a fish out of water without a well defined traditional corporate structure
- You'd consider taking out the trash as being below you
- You're accustomed to using the phrase "it's not part of my job description"

Please DO apply if:
- You have the desired experience and good knowledge of CUDA and extensive experience (this is not a learn on the job position) in CUDA programming and SW development
- You are an Nvidia CUDA Certified Programmer (you may pass certification later though)
- You're a doer - not a manager, a coordinator, or an idea person - but someone who loves to get stuff done, and done well
- You are a go to person because you're reliable, creative, resourceful, a good decision maker, and generally one of the most capable people your peers know
- You're accustomed to a small company environment including wearing many hats and managing way too many things at any given time
- You're articulate, persuasive, and tech savvy (this does not mean familiarity with Microsoft Office), know server hardware and able to troubleshoot server problems, know Unix OS
- Your friends and former employers would gush about you and your awesomeness

If you would, please follow the instructions below when submitting your resume to novattehr@gmail.com:
Please include "Role/Title (your name)" in the subject header
What attracted you to this position?
Why are you looking to change jobs? If unemployed, please describe why.
What are your long term goals?
What is your current or most recent compensation package?
If you could only use one utensil for the rest of your life, what would you choose: a spoon, a fork or a knife? Why? (spork is not an option)

Коллеги, команду ищу я сам, напрямую. В компании 80% русскоговорящие ребята и девушки с разных частей нашей необъятной Родины Владивосток, Хабаровск, Новосибирск, Питер, Москва, но английский нужно знать, так как преподавание нужно вести на английском. Уровень английского достаточный для разговора с Сингапурцами (сингапурцы тоже не на Британском английском разговаривают, кому интересно могут посмотреть ролики в youtube с тэгом singlish).

Более подробную информацию о компании можно посмотреть по адресу: http://www.novatte.com в разделе Company

Если кратко мы, совместно с технологическими вендорами, создаем в Юго Восточной Азии High Performance Computing (HPC) экосистему для научных исследователей (researchers) и пользователей приложений (таких как ANSYS, Abaqus, и т.д.) для того, чтобы помочь ресерчерам ускорить исследовательский процесс, дабы они могли либо коммерциализовать свои исследования, либо скорее направить их на благое дело (иными словами research will have a great scientific impact, и такие клиенты уже есть). Одна из частей экосистемы это обучение, отсюда и сильное желание пригласить преподавателя CUDA к нам в Команду.

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